Ashland Creates Color Essentials Program for Innovative Formulation

Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc., has launched Color Essentials, a portfolio of color cosmetic formulations designed to offer novel product concepts and higher levels of value to color cosmetics formulators looking to improve aesthetics, sensory benefits and long-lasting waterproofing.

Before creating the program, the company's R&D team conducted research and concept development. The program has launched with 11 sample formulations as a starting point for creating innovative color cosmetic products for the latest consumer trends.  

Among the sample formulations is long-lasting waterproof mascara that delivers wear resistance and protection from moisture through the use of the company's alkylated polyvinylpyrrolidone. Other formulations, such as a gold/plum eye shadow and a shiny red lipstick boast vibrant colors and a rich sensory experience with the company's esters. A foundation containing the company's UV filters offers coverage while protecting skin from damaging radiation. These and other formulations—including lip balm and cream, makeup remover, lipstick, foundation, eye shadow and mousse blush—offer a mix of performance, color vibrancy and ease of formulation.

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