Bio-based Acetone Nails Sustainable Manicures


Sustainability is on consumers’ minds—and now on their nails. Green Biologics, Inc., launched a novel bio-based acetone nail polish remover in partnership with Marianna Industries.

The product is composed of Green Biologics’ C3-ONE renewable acetone ingredient, which is derived from the fermentation of C5 sugars via the company’s Clostridium microbial biocatalysts. The ingredient is the same molecule as alternative acetone options, including petroleum-based products, which formulators can easily "drop in" to existing formulations and applications.

The remover is USDA BioPreferred, a distinction granted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“Consumers are more particular than ever about the ingredients in their household and personal care products and are demanding more eco-friendly formulations. This nail polish remover was created to directly address this demand with a formulation that works equally as good as traditional acetone remover, meaning consumers don’t need to sacrifice performance for natural ingredients,” said David Anderson, global vice president of marketing, Green Biologics.

The product will be branded under Sally Beauty’s Beauty Secrets line.

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