Nail Cosmetics Get in Gear for the Changing Season

With the sometimes harsh effects of the approaching winter weather on cuticles and nails, products that are geared toward countering these effects are growing plentiful. The Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) casts an insight into the latest innovative treatments for nails, cuticles and fingertips.

In the United States, CCA Industries launched its Nutra Nail Triple Power Strengthening French Manicure Set. This product is claimed to consist of an innovative chip-proof formula that features acrylic polymers to reinforce the nail color and prevent chips, a protein complex that helps nourish and grow nails and a calcium complex that is meant to strengthen and support them. This product is sure to beef-up nail protection from weather conditions. This set is perfect for thin, soft and split nails with chips and cracks, and even those break easily. Included are a white tip polish, a triple power base color and manicure tip guides. The built-in nail strengthening benefits will have users on the road to stronger and prettier nails.

Manufacturers are looking to innovative ingredient combinations for added value and effectiveness. Richards & Appleby’s Nailoid Results Nail Treatment and Maintenance is enriched with special ingredients such as arachis and carnation oil to smooth ridges and imperfections, providing the nail plate with a waterproof glossy shine. Launched in Denmark, this nail treatment comes in the form of a paste that should be massaged into nails and cuticles and then polished off using a nail buffer until the shine is clearly visible. The buffing action will increase and stimulate blood circulation, thus aiding in healthier, stronger nail growth. Nailoid Results is sold with the paste and a nail care booklet with instructions and tips.

Created for dry cuticles, cracked fingertips and brittle nails, CCA Industries in the US offers its Nutra Nail Lavender & Avocado Cuticle Crème. This product is said to strengthen nails and heal cracked skin with ingredients such as tea tree oil and vitamin E oil. It provides an intensive treatment to sooth and condition cuticles and strengthens brittle nails that would otherwise break easily. Users will end up with healthier looking nails with cuticles that are smooth, soft and free of pain. This non-abrasive product can be used  liberally, as it won’t have negative effects on hands. It is housed in a convenient 3.5-oz. tub for the on-the-go portability.

A common problem with fingernails is their tendency to chip and peel. Vibelle Manufacturing has presented Caronia Nail Care Nail Hardener, a simple solution that is available in the Philippines. It claims to allow nails to grow to their full potential by strengthening them with its innovative clear polish formula. The product, packaged in a 30ml bottle, should be used every other day for two weeks to prevent chipping and peeling.

Available in Australia is Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails Powerful Acrylic Gel. Said to make nails as hard as acrylic wraps in 60 seconds, this product instantly seals and hardens, providing powerful acrylic protection in one easy step. It contains a patented breakthrough formula that has been salon and dermatologist tested. The acrylic gel should be used for fragile, soft, torn, chipped or cracked nails that are in dire need of protection. The formula does not require mixing and leaves consumers with long lasting nail surfaces with a clear, smooth, shiny finish.

There are also premium nail care products on the market that can withstand the change of season. Chanel in France has launched three new shades of its Le Vernis Nail Colour collection. This range is includes long-lasting, chip-resistant nail polishes that not only offer beautiful color but also provide moisturization and strength for nails. Sold in department stores, the line is comprised of limited edition shades such as Black Satin, Splendeur and Pink Satin. Each variety is packaged in Chanel’s patented non-spill bottle with wiping action for easier application. With this product, nail protection and glamour go hand in hand.

Also under the Sally Hansen brand is Cuticle & Nail Refiner, further offering specialized care for cracked brittle nails and rough, dry cuticles. This polishing cream is formulated with shea butter, ceramides, diamond powder and natural pumice, which claims to gently exfoliate dry, flaky skin. It has been dermatologist and salon tested and reveals fresh, healthy looking cuticles and smooth nails. The micronized diamond powder, shea butter and natural pumice from an ultra-refined polishing cream are all used for exfoliation, while the botanical extracts and ceramides deeply hydrate to restore skin's supple texture. The company claims that there will be visible results following the initial 60-second application, ultimately leading to renewed, luminous cuticles and smooth and healthy nails and nail beds. For best results, this product should be used once a week.

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