Orlane Launches Heat-activated Antiaging Serum

Orlane recently launched a heat-activated, antiaging product. Thermo-Active Firming Serum replaces Orlane’s previous firming serum and hopes to capitalize on the popularity of laser treatments with its non-invasive heat-activated approach to age prevention.

The serum is inspired by the popular antiaging laser treatment systems that use infrared lasers and heat activation to tighten and stimulate collagen.The serum uses tourmaline, a gem known for its pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties that allow it to heat up with contact to the skin, and are also said to have natural, infrared abilities.

The other elements of the serum that make it competitive to laser treatment, according to the company, are the presence of oat seed and rye extract. Oat seed extract is said to have restorative properties, used here to smooth and calm the skin; while rye extract creates volume and stimulates collagen production. Other ingredients utilized in the serum are green tea, vitamin C and a B-21 complex.

The serum’s ability to create the heat necessary to stimulate and produce collagen is the primary factor in making it an alternative to laser treatments. Despite being inspired by laser treatments, Orlane notes the serum only mimics the final affects on a purely cosmetic level.

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