Which Cosmetic Base Ingredients Will Take Home a C&T Allē in 2024?

Find out at our exclusive red carpet-style awards dinner, to be held on March 6, 2024, at the Biltmore in Los Angeles – alongside our engaging Beauty Accelerate event. Join us!
Find out at our exclusive red carpet-style awards dinner, to be held on March 6, 2024, at the Biltmore in Los Angeles – alongside our engaging Beauty Accelerate event. Join us!
By Sasint

Which base ingredients will take home C&T Allē Awards in 2024? Find out at our exclusive red carpet-style awards dinner, to be held on March 6, 2024, at the Biltmore in Los Angeles – alongside our engaging Beauty Accelerate event. Base ingredients are defined here as those that provide supporting roles in a formulation; i.e., that are not incorporated for their specific biological activity. Following are the contenders...

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Advancion (Angus Chemical Co.) – DL-2AP Ultra PC Amino Alcohol

DL-2AP ULTRA PC amino alcohol is a neutralizer and stabilizer that is particularly well-suited for permanent and semi-permanent hair colorants. DL-2AP ULTRA PC provides a low odor alternative to ammonia in hair colorants and is proven to reduce hair damage, compared with ammonia or MEA in hair colorants. As a milder alternative with high base strength, it provides superior alkalizing performance and excellent color deposition and color fastness as well as superior gray coverage. DL-2AP ULTRA PC is the effective alternative to ammonia and MEA in hair colorants with improved biodegradability and reduced irritancy.

CP Kelco – Kelcosens Citrus Fiber

Meet Kelcosens Citrus Fiber, an exciting, new, upcycled personal care innovation that is gentle on skin for emulsifier-free stabilization and SENSational textures. What begins as food waste – citrus peels from the juice industry – are upcycled into a powerful ingredient that can help brands meet requirements for the vegan, kosher and halal products consumers demand. Our manufacturing process is intentionally designed so that nothing goes to waste, allowing us to convert peels into a citrus fiber that retains much of its pectin content for enhanced stability and texture. Any leftovers are turned into animal feed and fertilizer for nearby crops.

DayGlo Color Corp. – Elara Luxe Pigments

Introducing Elara Luxe Color – as nature intended. Dayglo Elara Luxe fluorescent pigments define a whole new class of cosmetic colorants. Made from all-natural rice protein, they fuse nature and technology for spectacular effects. Meticulously crafted, each pigment harnesses the power of nature and enhances the allure and performance of cosmetics through unparalleled color intensity – all while aligning to clean beauty values. To meet the demand for effective, sustainable products, Elara Luxe is vegan, kosher, halal, biodegradable and microplastic-free, giving customers the vibrancy they desire with the all-natural ingredients they look for.

Evonik Corp. – Ecohance Care PS3

Ecohance Care PS3 polyglyceryl-3 distearate is a next-generation, oil-in-water emulsifier for natural milks, lotions, creams and butters derived through eco-optimized sourcing that is beyond bio-based. It is 100% based on a post-industrial residue from olive oil production and supports a deforestation-free supply chain. The ingredient’s sourcing does not compete with food feedstocks and it contributes to reducing carbon footprint emissions. No tropical oils are involved in the production process and the supply chain is traceable to mill level. Ecohance Care PS3 offers a caring soft skin feel combined with quick absorption and good hydration properties.

Inolex – AminoSensyl Ultra MB

AminoSensyl Ultra MB (INCI: Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Brassicyl Valinate Esylate) is a breakthrough amino lipid technology rooted in green chemistry and designed for performance to deliver a 100% natural, sustainable replacement for behentrimonium chloride. The bio-based conditioning system provides deep moisturization and strengthening across multiple hair types, ranging from straight to coily; and hair states, ranging from healthy to damaged. Designed with green chemistry principles, it is an eco-friendly, non-quat technology that is gentle to the scalp, eyes and skin and is readily biodegradable and safe for aquatic environments. Further, the ingredient is pre-neutralized, offering formulation flexibility for easy processing.

Lignovations – Lignoguard

LignoGuard is a bio-based, multifunctional ingredient derived from upcycled lignin, a major component of plant biomass. Lignovations’ patented Colloidal Technology makes the natural protective properties of lignin accessible for cosmetic products: boosting SPF, providing antioxidant protection and improving emulsion stability. LignoGuard is developed and manufactured with a focus on scientifically proven efficacy (in vivo SPF studies), sustainability (COSMOS, NaTrue) and consistent quality (Cosmetic-GMP ISO 22716). LignoGuard can be used in a wide range of products such as skin care, sun care, color cosmetics and anti-aging to improve performance and replace synthetic ingredients.

Oleon Health and Beauty – Oleon’s Jelly Rheological Modifiers

As rheological modifiers for transparent, waterless and natural formulations, Oleon’s Jelly can assist cosmetic formulators looking for dual-purpose products. Radia 7799, in particular, offers a shear thinning effect, flow control properties and a unique sensory profile – presenting as a jelly, with a dynamic viscosity at 25°C ˃ 130,000 mPa.s. Oleon’s Jelly offers an innovative solution to create highly viscous and stable formulations while keeping transparency for all kinds of oil-based and waterless formulations.

P2 Science – CitroSperse Pigment Dispersions

CitroSperse is P2’s sustainable pigment dispersion line carried by our patented Citropol technology. It reduces wet-out time and increases pigment loading while providing the sensorial benefits inherent to the platform. These 10 colorants, ranging from the four core oxides and classic Red, Yellow and Blue Lakes, to Ultramarine Blue, blend the majority of shades in our color space. Dispersion experts at American Colors process the colorants to a minimum Hegman grind of 6, optimizing color development and stability. This results in easy-to-incorporate colors with consistent color output, allowing chemists to concentrate on perfecting other aesthetics of eye, lip and face formulas.

Sharon Personal Care – Emulpharma Mimesis

Emulpharma Mimesis is a green and cold processable emulsifier, able to create a light, sprayable and pleasant texture. Based on an exclusive combination of lecithin and polyglycerols, it creates lamellar structures that, thanks to their high affinity to skin, enable active ingredients to penetrate the inner layers, making them more effective. Emulpharma Mimesis is not just an emulsifier... it is a beauty driver and a 2-in-1 delivery system, enhancing and making the active ingredients in formulations more effective.

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