Vantage Adds New Exfoliant As Alternative to PE Beads


In addition to the collection of Desert Whale Jojoba natural exfoliants, Vantage Specialty Ingredients introduced PFJ-S Beads, a natural exfoliant to use in beauty and personal care products.

The new exfoliant is made with jojoba esters derived from natural wax esters, which are extracted from seeds of the jojoba plant—a shrub native to the Sonoran Desert of the United States and Mexico.

PFJ-S Beads and other Desert Whale Jojoba natural exfoliants help polish away dead skin cells, dirt and impurities and help leave skin smoother, softer and suppler. The exfoliant is available in a variety of sizes and reveals a brighter complexion, while also improving skin texture.

To respond to the polyethylene (PE) bead issue, Vantage’s Desert Whale Jojoba natural exfoliants are biodegradable, sustainable alternatives to PE beads.

Polyethylene beads are used in a variety of beauty and personal care products like cleaners, scrubs or body washes for an effective and gentle exfoliation. Despite their efficiency, PE beads pass through various drains and sewers and into big bodies of water, which eventually travels down the food chain.

As a non biodegradable environmental pollutant, PE beads are becoming banned from beauty and personal care products sale with the U.S. Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015.

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