Biodegradable Exfoliant, Binder Powders

Micro Powders Inc. will launch biodegradable powders at the NYSCC Suppliers' Day that are made from renewable resources for formulation into exfoliants, lotions and color cosmetics.

Ecoscrubs are non-irritating scrubs and exfoliating powders produced from naturally derived, high molecular weight polymers. The scrubs are available in a variety of particle sizes to allow the formulator flexibility in controlling the degree of abrasiveness and scrubbing action that is desired. Ecoscrub 20PC (INCI: Polylactic Acid) has a maximum particle size of 840 microns, whereas Ecoscrub 50PC (INCI: Polylactic Acid) has a maximum particle size of 297 microns and Ecoscrub 100PC (INCI: Polylactic Acid) has a maximum particle size of 150 microns. According to the company, the scrub provides the same performance of polyethylene powders but from a biodegradable source. The scrubs are designed for scrubbing soaps, foot scrubs, exfoliating face scrubs, body scrubs, creams, liquids, gels and lotions.

EcoSoft is a finely micronized biodegradable powder that is produced from renewable resources. Ecosoft 608 (INCI: Polylactic Acid) is produced from 100% polylactic acid, whereas Ecosoft 611 (INCI: Polylactic Acid (and) Copernecia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax) is a combination of polylactic acid and prime yellow carnauba wax. These polymers are melted together then micronized in order to provide a more homogenous blend of the two. Ecosoft powders provide slip and improved sensory in creams, lotions and powder applications. They are, however, ideally suited as binders in pressed powder applications.

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