Delivery Systems and Ingredients on the Rise

According to, the market for delivery systems and ingredients in personal care was valued at US $345,287.3 thousand in 2014, and is expected to grow 7.8%, reaching $543,373.2 thousand by 2020. These findings were presented in a market research report by Persistence Market Research.

Globally, this ingredient market is witnessing significant growth reportedly due to increasing prevalence of skin diseases, harmful effects of UV radiation, a growing aging population and increase in disposable income leading to rising in spending on personal care. However, stringent regulatory requirements for the approval of cosmetic ingredients are key restraints for delivery systems in personal care.

In terms of revenue, Europe dominates the delivery systems and ingredients category due to its aging population and a growing awareness of the therapeutic applications of delivery systems. Asia represents the fastest-growing region in this market, also due to a growing geriatric population and rising awareness about skin diseases.

In relation, cosmetic companies are continuously finding new routes for effective ingredient delivery and efficacy. For example, a recent Cosmetics & Toiletries article described a natural microinjection system based on the stinging cells of the Cnidaria sea anemone, which were found to puncture the stratum corneum layer and deliver its content—both marine collagen and γ-PGA—into the skin. Another examined a smart lipid-carotene system for targeted free radical scavenging, reinforcing UV protection.

These advanced delivery systems are but a fraction of what's out there. For a list of suppliers providing delivery systems and ingredients, visit our free Cosmetics & Toiletries Bench Reference.

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