PEG-free Solubilizer for Lipophilic Substances

Symrise has introduced a PEG-free solubilizer for lipophillic substances such as perfume, essential oils, actives and vitamins in pure aqueous and aqueous alcoholic product formulations. SymSol PF-3 (INCI: Not Provided) can be formulated in a number of cosmetic applications including hair care, body care, gels, wet wipes, aftershaves and fragrances.

According to the company, PEG-based products dominate the solubilizer market, having served as emulsifiers, solubilizers and surfactants in cosmetic preparations for many years. They show excellent emulsifying and solubilizing properties in a wide variety of products. However, in the past years, the trend to PEG-free products is growing rapidly.

The PEG-free solubilizer can be use it for many kinds of fragrance, hair or body care applications, where it allows a clear solution of oil soluble substances in pure aqueous and aqueous alcoholic product formulations. As a liquid product, it is also easy to handle because it is cold processable; it is colorless and clearly soluble in water; it does not exert influence on the color and odor in the final formulation; and it leaves a pleasant skin feel.

In addition to it solubilizing function, the product can be used as an emulsifier or co-emulsifier in o/w formulations. Compared to its benchmark, PEG-containing products (i.e., PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil) and other PEG-free solubilizers, the solubilizer shows excellent solubilizing performance. The company notes that this product is more cost efficient than other PEG-free solubilizers while. It is recommended to be used up to levels of 5% in rinse-off products and up to 3% in leave-on products.

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