Waterless Foam Patented for Active Delivery

Foamix Ltd. has received a patent (US Pat. 7,704,518) for its Hygroscopic and Waterless Breakable Foam. This patent, titled "Foamable vehicle and pharmaceutical compositions thereof," describes a pharmaceutical foam that is able to deliver a wide range of active agents to treat skin and body cavity conditions.

The foam technology is based on carriers of polyol or polyethylene glycol polar solvents, and pharmaceutical compositions and methods of treatment with a wide variety of active agents, which can be delivered to a multiplicity of sites, including skin and various body cavities.

The waterless foam vehicle can be used to increase the concentration of soluble active agents, thus facilitating enhanced skin penetration of the active agent and thereby augmenting their bioavailability and dermal delivery. This technology platform can also be used for delivering drugs which are sensitive to water. In some cases, such as with non water-sensitive ingredients, the carriers and pharmaceutical compositions may comprise up to about 10% water.

The granted claims are directed to hygroscopic and waterless foamable carriers and foams based on polyol or polyethylene glycol polar solvents, as well as pharmaceutical compositions that contain a variety of drugs, including antibacterial agents, antifungals, antiviral agents, antiparasitic agents, keratolytic agents, corticosteroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), anti-allergic agents, anticancer agents, local anesthetics, retinoids, photodynamic therapy agents, anti-wrinkle agents, skin whitening agents, immunosuppressants and immunomodulators.

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