Anti-aging Arjun Tree Extract

To counteract the signs of aging, Evonik has created a standardized solution of pentacyclic triterpenes from the bark of the arjun tree, which it will discuss at In-Cosmetics in Barcelona. Tego Arjuna S (INCI: Terminalia Arjuna Bark Extract (and) Pentylene Glycol) strengthens the skin barrier and induces sebum production to reduce the signs of dry skin and protect the skin from external challenges.

In vitro DNA chip, gene and protein studies on different cell types have shown that the active induces important growth factors like VEGF. Furthermore, it up-regulates markers related to increased sebum production (FGFR2, FGF2). An in vivo study on people with mature skin verified the in vitro results showing that the active contributes to an improved skin blood microcirculation for better skin nutrient supply. Additional in vivo results have proven that it strengthens the extracellular matrix leading to improved dermal density and resiliency.

The company recommends the active at 1–4% in anti-aging formulations, specifically those that address menopausal skin. Due to its broad activity, the active can also be formulated into dark circle treatments or scalp care applications.

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