Silicone Microemulsion Hair Conditioning Agent

Evonik Industries AG has launched a silicone emulsion conditioning agent for hair that serves additional benefits such as heat protection and color retention. Abil ME 45 (INCI: Not Provided) imparts intensive conditioning that is said to improve the manageability and smoothness of hair.

Because it is delivered as a microemulsion, the hydrophobic silicone quat is easy to process. It can be added to formulations with simple stirring. Even at a low concentration, the agent is said to achieve a high level of performance. It is stable and keeps its color appearance over time and in the presence of perfumes. The agent improves the wash fastness of dyed hair and shows heat protecting properties.

The homogeneous distribution of the silicone quat in the microemulsion allows for clear shampoo formulations and reduces the risk of buildup on hair fibers. The conditioning agent does not contain preservatives. It is recommended for a broad range of applications in the hair care market, including: hair conditioning rinses, conditioning shampoos, leave-in conditioners, hair and body shampoos, styling products and hair dyes.



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