Stimulating NMF Production in Skin

Sederma has created an active that stimulates two enzymes involved in filaggrin metabolism to synthesize the skin's natural moisturizing factor (NMF). Revidrate (INCI: Not Provided) is said to improve skin moisturization and barrier function.

According to the company, the active is based on a lipid that mimics the effects of sphingosine-1 phosphate (S1P), the natural bioactive phospholipid known for its funcitons in epidermal maturation and filaggrinase stimulation. It also reportedly increases the synthesis of intracellular glycerol, which reinforces the corneocyte envelope and the intercellular cement by lipid production, ensuring the skin barrier function.

In vivo and in vitro tests by the company showed the active enhanced epidermal moisturization and helped to reinforce the cutaneous barrier by increasing the production of NMF by 34.8% and glycerol synthesis by 327%.

The active is recommended in skin care to treat dryness.


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