Gascony Plum Sourced for Exfoliation and Moisturization

Naturochim has sourced different parts of the Gascony plum to introduce an oil, a butter and scrubs for a variety of personal care applications at In-Cosmetics in Paris. The Gascony plum is grown in the French Gascony area and each of the ingredients created from the plum conform to Ecocert standards. 

The company ground the kernels of the plum to standardized non-aggresive particles to create Nat Gascony Plum Scrub 20, 40 and 65 (INCI: Prunus Domestica Seed Power), which offer exfoliation and a pleasant scent to skin care formulations. During the process of fabrication of the prune, the kernel acquires a delicate smell well known in pastries (marzipan). This smell comes out in the powder, giving finished products an appetizing fragrance. According to the company, these soft scrubs can be formulated into a number of skin care applications for all skin types.

When added to a cleansing product, the scrubs remove the superficial, dead horny layers of the stratum corneum by mechanical action, removing dust and tiny debris and stimulating the micro-blood circulation. They leave the skin soft with a neat and clean appearance. The three different scrubs differ on particle size: Nat Gascony Plum Scrub 20 is 100% ≤ 300μm; while Nat Gascony Plum Scrub 40 is 3% < 300μm, 97% 300 - 500 μm and 0% > 500 μm; and Nat Gascony Plum Scrub 65 is 3% < 500μm; 97% 500- 800 μm and 0% > 800 μm. The scrubs are recommended at 1-5 % in face scrubs and at 3-10% in body scrubs.

Gascony Plum Butter (INCI: Prunus Domestica Seed Extract (and) Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) is created by cold pressing the kernel's almond of the dehydrated Gascony plum, which is then filtered. During the production of the dehydrated plum, the almond acquires a delicate sweet smell of bitter almond as found with marzipan. A fragrant oil can be obtained, and the butter made from this oil is also delicately fragranced. The prune oil is composed of approximately 70% oleic acid and 20% linoleic acid (Omega 6). It contains 0.5% unsaponifiable matters and has high tocopherol content, showing a high oxidative stability.

This cold pressed oil has softening, nourishing, moisturizing and emollient properties. It is especially indicated for mature and dry skins. According to the company, the butter retains a large fraction of the unsaturated free fatty acids found in the oil, providing noticeable advantages to the skin. It easily spreads on the skin and penetrates quickly while imparting a matte effect. It moisturizes the skin and has nourishing and softening effects. The butter is recommended in skin care, sun care, hair care, color cosmetics, lip balms, and massage products.

The company cold pressed the almond of the dehydrated Gascony plum and filtered the result again to obtain Nat Gascony Plum Oil (INCI: Prunus Domestica Seed Extract). Similar to the scrubs and the butter, the Gascony oil also has a sweet smell similar to marzipan. The oil is composed of approximately 70% oleic acid and 20% linoleic acid (Omega 6). It contains 0.5 % unsaponifiable matters and has three times the tocopherol content of olive oil.

The oil has soothing, nourishing, moisturizing and emolliency properties. It helps reconstruct the sebum and rebuild the barrier function of the skin, which lessens the TEWL. It is especially indicated for mature and dry skins. According to the company, the oil has an excellent feel, spreads easily and penetrates the skin quickly, leaving it dry and silky. Applications include skin care, sun care, hair care, color cosmetics, lip balms and massage products.

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