Dow Combines HA with Polyquaternium-67 For Longer Moisturization

Dow Consumer & Industrial Solutions has introduced a moisturizing complex comprised of hyaluronic acid and polyquaternium-67. MoistStar HA+ Moisturizing Technology (INCI: Polyquaternium-67 (and) Hyaluronic Acid) adds the company's deposition aid to hyaluronic acid for longer lasting moisturization than just hyaluronic acid alone.

In addition to improving moisturizing performance, the complex is a liquid, making it easier to handle and incorporate into skin care formulations than hyaluronic acid powder. It is cold processable and is added at the end of the process during cool down phase.

When a gel base lotion containing MoistStar HA+ is tested against another gel base lotion formulated with HA at equivalent levels, the former has demonstrated double the moisturization as the latter in a total of three consecutive rinsing challenges with RT water over a period of four and a half hours.

The product is recommended at 4-16% in facial moisturizing creams and gels, moisturizing hand/body creams, anti-aging serums and skin treatment complexes. At this dosage, it delivers 0.05–0.20% hyaluronic acid . It is compatible with cationic, anionic and nonionic systems.

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