Metallic Surface-treated Pigments for Color Cosmetics

Eckart GmbH will launch two metallic pigments and two vibrant pigments at in-cosmetics in Munich.

Mirage Sparkling Luxury Gold is a new gold effect pigment for cosmetics and personal care. Based on calcium sodium borosilicate coated with titanium dioxide and iron oxides, this pigment exhibits color strength and purity that transforms into a luxurious gold shade. This pigment was created using the company's proprietary technology that created extremely smooth pigment surfaces, allowing for optimized gloss and unique color purity. With its particle size of 15–120μm the gold pigment provides sparkle effects as well as coloring effects, which can be used pure or in combination with other pigments to enhance color cosmetics.

A new silver pigment has been added to the Mirage line. The existing medium to coarse particle size silver grades are completed by a fine grade. Mirage Bright Silver, with a particle size range of 15–70μm, is based on calcium sodium borosilicate platelets coated with titanium dioxide and represents the finest pigment grade of the product line. As a result, the silver pigment exhibits a delicate and graceful appearance combined with uniform gloss. Used alone or in combination with other pigments, the bright silver pigment can enhance the luster of lip glosses or lipsticks without opacifying, and plays a highlighting role for skin care applications.

Finally, the company will be launching two additional interface colors to its Mirage line. Mirage Glamour Green and Mirage Glamour Blue, with a particle size in the range of 35–150 μm, are based on calcium sodium borosilicate platelets coated with titanium dioxide. Both new interference pigments win over natural mica-based pigments through their unreached deep and intense interference colors and ultra glossy appearance. Used alone or in combination with other pigments, the interface pigments can enhance especially color cosmetics with an eye-catching luxurious look.

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