Ciba Launches Pigment Line at in-cosmetics

Ciba entered the decorative cosmetics market with a new line of cosmetic grade pigments. The Calisha Color Collection features a range of oil-dispersible pearls, inorganic oxides and organic lake pigments. According to the company, the ingredients are easy to incorporate and help speed manufacturing. The innovative products are said to offer superior color delivery, brighter, longer-lasting color and enhanced emollience.

The color collection includes three effect pigment lines: the Romance collection--made up of smooth, soft colors that offer excellent coverage and opacity; the Contemporary collection--entailing warm, brilliant effect pigments that offer excellent coverage and bright shades; and the Art Deco collection, comprised of bold effect pigments, offering a range of coverage options and exciting shades.

According to the company, the color collection represents innovation, quality and consistency. The OD pearl pigments, created by a unique Ciba process, provide opportunities for new formulation approaches and offer a range of transparency and coverage so that today’s color cosmetics can meet the demands of today’s consumer. For more information, visitL

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