Red Hot Pigment

EMD Chemicals Inc., the North American Specialty Chemicals affiliate of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, has introduced a new pigment to the market that according to the company, starts a new era of reds in cosmetic colors. The Xirona Le Rouge product is an addition to the established series of inorganic color travel pigments based on silica flakes.

The product is said to reveal vibrant, clear red hues and red pearlescence. It is purely an inorganic product without the rusty undertone of conventional iron pigments but with a subtle color travel effect from red to orange-red. According to the company, inorganic silica flakes, the substrate of this pigment, exhibit a uniform and controllable thickness as well as a smooth and regular surface. The result of these silica flake characteristics combined with a precisely controlled metal oxide coating process is a highly improved chroma and color purity.

Unique features of the product include:

  • high chemical and physical stability in formulations
  • light stability and stability at various pH values
  • compatibility with and stability in aqueous formulas
  • easy incorporation into oil or water phases
  • worldwide approval for use in cosmetics and personal care products, including the eye and lip areas.



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