Bright Pearl Complex and Long Radiance Pigment for Enhancing Skin Luminosity

Mineral powders are the main components of formulations for foundation makeup products. They are essential for obtaining a powdery and matte makeup result and play an important role in the sensory properties of the products (softness, smoothness). However, they have a certain opacity that, at high concentrations, can give makeup a dull appearance.

This lack of luminosity is often accompanied by a bad tone stability which tends to change color during the day.

This phenomenon is due to the use of untreated “raw” pigments, which are rapidly impregnated with sebum and perspiration. Additionally, the pigments migrate into skin imperfections and are partly eliminated from the skin’s surface. These factors cause color fading and dullness in the makeup formulation. New coating techniques such as fl uid air bed coating can provide solutions to these challenges. This technique helps to prevent the dulling of the pigments and their surface elimination through multiple coatings to protect against sebum and boost the substantivity of pigments. It also selects and treats a synthetic mineral powder to improve the optical light refl ective properties of the products.

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