Compass—Ties That Bind

One of the top trending articles on relates to skin binding and ingredient delivery.* In it, nano-sized, spherically arranged nucleic acids are described that bind to natural proteins and penetrate the skin to deliver a payload. For example, an ointment containing nanostructures targeting the epidermal growth factor receptor was found to penetrate the skin, with cells taking up 100% of the nanostructures and selectively decreasing levels of the problem proteins.

Binding is not a new phenomenon, but interest in it continues for improved ingredient delivery and efficacy. Clearly, actives such as the natural dipeptide described by Mondon et al. and the ingredients for evening skin tone reviewed by Teranwould be ineffective if they could not reach their target sites. Illustrating the effects of binding is the article by Klock and Rosenberger, which describes saccharide isomerate, designed to bind to skin and provide lasting hydration and soothing benefits from both leave-on and rinse-off products.

In Memory

In life, another aspect of binding relates to family and friends and the memories we make. On a sad note, “Bud” (Franklin) Brewster, former technical editor for Cosmetics & Toiletries, passed away on July 29, 2012. Past authors and advisors will recall his sharp eye for detail, friendly demeanor and enthusiasm for life, and readers may remember his witty “Bench & Beyond” columns. He had an endearingly inquisitive mind, which served him very well as technical editor for us and beyond. He was a wonderful mentor and friend, and taught me to see not just what is on a page but what isn’t. Everything that Cosmetics & Toiletries is today was shaped in some way by him. He will be missed.

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