Celltice Confirmed to Control Sebum, Protect Skin


Upcycled from red maple wood chips using heat, pressure and water, Renmatix’s Celltice ingredient was tested in vivo for sebum control and skin protectant effects.

As previously reported, Celltice (INCI: Water (aqua) (and) Acer Rubrum Extract (and) Glycerin) provides a high oil-absorptive capacity to control sebum and impart a matte complexion. It also addresses a dry, flaky appearance by accelerating skin turnover and exfoliation; and functions as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant shield.

In relation, a new clinical study quantified these effects: Celltice reduced sebum by 45% within 30 min post-application. It also reduced dry skin by 66% within 30 min post-application. Furthermore, the ingredient protected against free radical formation induced by blue light, and prevented the formation of pro-inflammatory cytokines generated by UV exposure.

From a formulation standpoint, Celltice emulsifies a wide variety of oil-soluble ingredients and creates a diversity of textures, from sprayable lotions to hydrating night creams.

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