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Madison and White's Bedtime Beauty Pillowcase Kits

Madison and White takes the idea of beauty sleep to a literal level by offering its Bedtime Beauty Kit and Clean Skin Kit.

Patootie Beauty: Bawdy Beauty’s Butt Sheet Masks

These masks are meant to add a playful touch to self-care routines while providing toning, hydrating, brightening and other skin care benefits to the butt skin.

Erno Laszlo’s Multi-Task Eye Gel Cream

This pressed serum contains a reportedly soothing algae complex and apple extract in order to reduce signs of aging around the eyes, with a novel contoured applicator.

Amika’s Thicc Volumizing Base

Meant to add volume to hair, this product contains Givaudan Active Beauty’s Redensyl active to reportedly encourage long-term hair growth while aiding in hairstyling.

Ophiopogon Japonicus Clinically Proven to Calm Atopic Dermatitis

Traditional treatments for AD can cause skin atrophy, itching and burning. As such, SILAB sought an alternative natural solution; a new clinical study reveals their success, rooted in Ophiopogon japonicus.

Bixa Orellana to Reduce Sebum, Shine in African Skin

A new study from BASF showed the natural active decreased sebum excretion to the skin surface by 44% and reduced shine by 11%. Read on to learn more.

Sensient's Ethically Sourced Extracts Combat Oxidative Stress, Skin Sensitivity

These three extracts are strategically sourced to benefit local environments and economic development, and may be used to balance skin; defend against pollution; and enhance the skin barrier.

Evonik Silica Blocks Tooth Sensitivity

This toothpaste ingredient is meant to prevent tooth sensitivity, a condition experienced by almost 50% of the population.

Inside Ingredients: Spin Trap

Spin trap provides antioxidant benefits to the skin, and it can easily be paired with treatments for anti-aging and anti-pollution benefits, among others.

Read the Label: BAKEL Malic Lightening and Renewing Serum

To address non-uniform or dark-stained skin, consumers can utilize this product to recover skin uniformity, compactness and luminosity.

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