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Valmont to Release 4 Skin Revitalizing Products

Valmont will release four skin revitalizing products starting in March 2021. The collection includes a bubble mask, moisturizer, eye serum and eau de toilette.

Eucerin Brand Launches Medical Grade Actinic Control SPF 100

Beiersdorf has extended its sun protection offerings into medical-grade care with the launch of the Eucerin brand Actinic Control SPF 100 product, to help prevent actinic keratosis and non-melanoma skin cancer.

Comparatively Speaking: Sun Care vs. Daily Proactive Skin Care

"The difference, in one sentence, is that sun care is only part of skin care. To be complete, skin care requires a need for daily proactive total skin care regimen."

Codex Beauty Labs to Launch Microbiome-friendly Skin Care Brand, Antü

Codex Beauty Labs will launch a collection of sustainable, plant-based beauty products under the brand Antü that supports the microbiome and protects the skin’s barrier against reactive oxidative stress.

Mibelle Biochemistry’s SantEnergy Energizes Hair Follicles

Mibelle Biochemistry’s SantEnergy reportedly energizes the hair follicles and protects them from oxidative damage, which delays hair follicle aging and increases both hair growth and hair density.

Peach & Lily Debut Vitamin C Spot Treatment

The spot treatment contains 20% vitamin C and is vegan and non-GMO.

Inolex Showcases Spectrastat PHL as Sensitive Skin Care Preservation System

Inolex’s Spectrastat PHL is an ideal preservation system for sensitive skin-targeted formulations and can reportedly outperform other preservative systems at a natural pH.

Lapcos Bikini Mask Reduces Hair Removal Irritation, Ingrown Hairs

The Lapcos Bikini Mask is formulated with soothing ingredients such as hemp seed oil, aloe and grapefruit to relieve irritation in the bikini area due to shaving or waxing, and to protect against ingrown hairs.

Sacheu Beauty Launches Essential Lipids Serum

This is the beauty brand's first skin care product among a collection of skin care tools.

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