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Neftis Kits Address Intimate Care, Skin Lightening and Melasma Control

Neftis Laboratorios has created three professional treatment kits. Each is designed to target one area of concern such as intimate area care, skin lightening and melasma control.

Formula Focus: 'Velvety Gel' Hand Sanitizer

In this editor's pick, SEPPIC demonstrates how two ingredients create texture in a moisturizing hand sanitizer.

Clariant’s RetroFuture Reinvents 3 Traditional Skin Formulations

Clariant Active Ingredients has unveiled RetroFuture, three traditional skin care formulations updated for today’s consumer needs.

Benzalkonium Chloride Demonstrates Alcohol-free Antimicrobial Efficacy

Benzalkonium chloride has recently drawn interest for the formulation of hand sanitizers due to its availability and alcohol-free efficacy. Here, we review two studies showing its virucidal and bactericidal activities.

Sandream’s Soft Focus Powders and Pearls Color Corrects

Sandream Impact’s line Soft Focus Powders and Pearls mostly comprise mica-based pearl power and pigments that can be used to help color correct the face and body such as redness and dark veins.

Lonza Replaces Parabens with Glycacil 2000 and L

Providing fungal protection, Lonza’s Glycacil 2000 and Glycacil L are preservatives that can replace parabens in personal care formulations.

Eskafil Skin Care Features Snail Slime

The core ingredient is said to contain anti-aging and wound-healing properties.

Garnier Launches Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bars

The bars have zero plastic waste and can last up to two months.

B&C Addresses Alopecia with Ganother

B&C has developed Ganother to promote hair growth, lessen hair loss to address alopecia.

Hugh & Grace Launch Skin Care Line

The skin care line is pregnancy safe, vegan, cruelty free and plant-based.

[podcast] What it Means to Be 'Clean' in Beauty

What facets of "clean" beauty are must-haves to consumers? And how do you translate those into formulations? Tina Hedges, CEO and Founder of LOLI Beauty Inc., explains in our latest podcast, sponsored by Univar Solutions. Register to listen; it's free.

Podcast sponsored by Univar Solutions

Nutrafol’s First Topical: Hair Growth Serum

To pair with its hair growth supplements, Nutrafol has released its first topical product, the Hair Growth Serum. The leave-in formula features a natural and botanical blend to prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair.

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