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Kat Von D Launches Vegan Mascara

The mascara's formula is reportedly 100% vegan and contains a blend of plant-based fats.

Mented Cosmetics Launches Skin by Mented

The launch includes concealer/contour sticks available in 16 shades ranging from medium to deep.

Vagisil Launches Sensitive Line Designed for Intimate Skin

The Dry Wash spray Bath Bombs were specifically created for women with sensitive intimate skin.

Sugar-based Neutralizer Clears Away Irritant Labels

This alkaline neutralizer plays off the growing trend for mild, natural cosmetics without the need for GHS irritant labels, for use in hair dyes, soaps, shaving gels or high pH products.

Inside Ingredients: Diatomaceous Earth

Different grades of diatomaceous earth, also known as silicon dioxide, are used for different purposes. Some go into pool filters. Others are used in personal care as abrasives, absorbents, anti-caking and bulking agents, non-surfactant dispersants and opacifying agents. They also can be applied topically as a facial mask or scrub.

Super Natural Skin Care

Natural skin care is not a fad it is becoming a norm in the spa and skin care industry. See what natural ingredients can be major powerhouses for skin care.

Microbial Pore and Skin Texture Control, Plus Pure Emolliency

Seqens has taken control of microbes and sensitizing potential with three ingredient launches, along with a pure, Asian-skin friendly humectant and emollient.

Elementis Delivers Clay-based Sensory Experiences

Skin care formulations with textures resembling jam and taffy made use of the company's clay-based rheology modifiers.

Roelmi's Osmolyte Restores Skin's Microenvironment and Microbiota

Borrowing the capacity of a specific bacterium to rebalance water in severe environments, this ingredient does essentially the same thing in skin—with the aim of supporting innate microbiome restoration.

How This Herb Supports the Well Aging Mindset

Based on angelica, this active ingredient provides antioxidative, energizing and other health support to aging skin in skin and body care, along with color cosmetics.

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