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Supergoop Combines Eyeshadow with SPF Just in Time for Summer

Shimmershade is a long-wearing cream eyeshadow formulated with mineral and clean chemical actives to protect from UV rays.

Omya Launches Eye-catching Beads to Enhance Ingredient Delivery

These brightly colored beads can be loaded with active or functional ingredients to enhance delivery and provide aesthetic effects.

Rambutan-based Bioactives Star in BASF's in-cosmetics Global Lineup

Three bioactives meant to energize, protect and moisturize skin and hair were derived from the rambutan fruit as part of a sustainability initiative.

Skin689 Launches Firming Body Cosmeceuticals

Skin689 claims its products offer structural firming effects with continuously increasing results.

Vantage Brings Jojoba Oil Benefits to Water-based Formulations

This ingredient brings the softening and conditioning benefits of jojoba oil to can be added to water-based systems, including facial cleansers, shampoos, hand sanitizers and more.

Anti-pollution Ingredient Shown via Melanoma Model to Fight Pigmentation

This antioxidative ingredient reportedly not only protects skin from the effects of air pollution, but may also inhibit pigmentation, as shown in animal melanoma cell models.

Read the Label: Vichy Liftactiv Vitamin C Skin Brightening Corrector

After 10 days of product application, skin's complexion is said to look brighter and more even. This column will review the ingredient listing for claims substantiation and functionality.

Shiseido Creates New Market with Medicated Care-Hybrid Foundation Launch

Medicated Care-Hybrid Foundation is meant to provide medicated skin care effects for the skin's complexion as well as a "beautiful" finish, Shiseido stated.

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