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Botanical Active to Reduce Wrinkles and Sweating

Previously established for its efficacy to “freeze” skin in a youthful state, IBR-Snowflake has now been shown to halt sweat production, and is recommended for beauty-conscious, active women.

Vegan Bar Soap Offers Sensory Experience

Beauty start-up Costa Californica has created a vegan bar soap that not only moisturizes, but creates an aromatherapy-like experience according to the company.

Cacti Farm Cultivates Organic Oils for Skin

With its own farm and plantations, Karmouss produces organic prickly pear cactus and argan oils for skin care needs.

Is Meadowfoam XPR the New Jojoba Oil?

Natural Plant Products' Meadowfoam XPR is an extracted version of their Meadowfoam Seed Oil meant for hair, skin, lip and body product applications.

Pantone Goes Classic with 2020 Color of the Year

After several years of bright, candy-colored hues, Pantone has selected a blue tone meant to instill "calm, confidence and connection."

[video] Bioluminescent Bath Bombs Are Now a Thing

The bath bombs contain marine luciferin and luciferase, which is found in deep-sea bioluminescent organisms.

Lycored "Beyond Natural" Lumenato for Skin Wellness

“Ingestible skin care is one of the most exciting categories in nutrition right now. There’s a huge demand for natural, scientifically proven supplements that can help the skin age beautifully."

Desert-derived Postbiotic to Preserve Micobiome, Revive Radiance

Silab drew inspiration from the adaptation properties of a desert plant postbiotic, Lactobacillus arizonensis, for skin care benefits.

Protective Powder for Anti-wrinkle, Antioxidant Effects

Sederma has engineered a lyophilized plant cell culture extract to impart anti-aging and anti-pollution benefits to powder products.

Canapure By Symrise Mimics Natural CBD

This material can be used similarly as CBD for anti-inflammatory and nausea-relieving benefits.

Skin Rejuvenation with Brazilian Kimberlite Clay

Brazilian Kimberlite Clay's product line, Kion Care, is based on its namesake red clay and designed for body care and anti-aging effects.

IFF/Lucas Meyer Puts a Hold on Hair Growth

A novel natural solution helps to keep the user's body hair-free for longer by slowing hair growth.

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