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C + K Introduces Tewameter with Three Probes for Better Efficiency

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The Tewameter Triple TM 330 T

The Tewameter Triple TM 330 T

Courage + Khazaka has upgraded its well-known TEWL and barrier function measurement device, the Tewameter, with three probe heads for better efficiency. The Tewameter Triple TM 330 T has three measuring heads in one probe for a multitude of advantages.

First, measurements on three neighboring skin areas can be done simultaneously under the same surrounding conditions. This saves a lot of time during studies. Also, the probe with three heads is especially suitable for applications where large areas are measured (e.g. perspiration studies/efficacy of antiperspirants).

The new Tewameter has increased accuracy of measurement due to averaging the three values of the independent measuring heads. Finally, the Tewameter Triple TM 330 T has easy handling with the possibility of flexible adjustment of the single probe heads as well as the integration of the probe into the Multiprobe Adapter System.

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