[podcast] Is Anti-pollution Care Really Relevant in Hair?


Is anti-pollution care really relevant for hair? Research has been scant (although growing) on the effects of particulate matter, ozone and the like on hair. There's some evidence for the impact of cigarette smoke on hair, but what indication is there that anti-pollution care can benefit hair?

Henkel's Erik Schulze zur Wiesche, Ph.D., R&D Basic Development for Hair Care, explains.

"Hair has to resist contact with our environment for four to six, seven and even eight years, compared to skin, which is renewed in less than a month. So it's really relevant, considering it is constantly in contact with gases, water and sun."

In this exclusive podcast, Cosmetics & Toiletries digs deeper with Schulze zur Wiesche into the effects and potential of anti-pollution care for hair.

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