Prescription Polymer Nail Treatment Approved by the FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a prescription polymer treatment for brittle nail syndrome (nail dystrophy). Innocutis' Nuvail, a 16% poly-ureaurethane, was formulated to mechanically support the damaged nail plate using a proprietary polymer blend that creates a strong adhesion to the nail surface. This forms a breathable barrier while protecting and strengthening the nail.The treatment penetrates the intercellular spaces and nail surface ridges.

The breathable barrier allows for oxygen transfer to the nail plate while blocking water absorption, thus preventing the wet-dry cycle that leads to damaged nails. Daily application of Nuvail also protects the nail from harm caused by work activity such as direct abrasion and friction, according to the company.

The treatment dries with a clear matte finish and is, therefore, usable by both men and women. Nail polish may be worn on top of the polymer treatment, but the polish must be applied after the treatment dries and must be removed before reapplication. 

Although this patented polymer treatment is available by prescription only, perhaps its technology can be adapted for more effective cosmetic nail treatments.

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