DSM’s Sunscreen Optimizer 2.0 Takes Eco Factors into Account

Dsm Suncreen Optimizer

DSM Personal Care has integrated eco-profiling into its free online tool, the Sunscreen Optimizer 2.0. The platform allows formulators to develop efficient sunscreen formulations and optimize existing ones before starting into in vivo SPF measurements.

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DSM’s simulation tool considers various performance criteria including regulatory boundaries; use of inorganic filters such as TiO2 and ZnO; synergies of polymeric filters; updated results of water-soluble UV-filters; and research on photostabilization.

In the latest 2.0 version, formulators are now able to evaluate the environmental impact of formulations using a science-based method and SPF benchmarking; to save time and expense by assessing the trade-offs between eco-friendliness, cost and sensory factors at the project stage; and to share results immediately with co-workers and adjust products instantly and in real time.

The tool also features key information captured at first glance; formula optimization, made by comparing different tests at the same time; compatibility with mobile and tablet devices; customizable profile settings; and the ability to save work in a company’s own archive.

For more information, contact DSM Personal Care.

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