A New Source of Collagen

Collagen injections may be a thing of the past. Japanese sweetmaker, Eiwa Confectionery has introduced collagen marshmallows to the UK in an attempt to market them there. The marshmallows are part of a growing trend in Japan toward functional foods. Trade figures have estimated  that Japan had a £2.3 (US$4.4 billion) billion functional food industry in 2003 and forecasted the industry to grow to  £32 billion (US$61 billion) in 2010.

The marshmallows come in cherry, blueberry and grapefruit and are sold in 50g and 100g packets. A packet of the collagen marshmallows is set to retail for 60 pence, or US$1.14. The marshmallows are said to contain 300 mg of collagen each and the makers claim that eating them will produce the same effect as a collagen injection. Some nutritionists are still skeptical of the product, which is being studied by the European Parliament.  According to the maker, however, there is no risk as long as the marshmallows are consumed as directed.  The company recommends not consuming more than 25g of the collagen marshmallows a day.

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