Functional Food Hits a Highpoint

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According to the Natural Marketing Institute's Health & Wellness Trends Database consumers are seeking health claims in food and nutritional supplements now more than ever.  The market research company found that 57 percent of U.S. consumers are looking for foods that have specific health claims while nearly half are looking to purchase vitamins, minerals, herbals and dietary supplements that have a specific health claim.

 Functional foods and condition-specific supplements are also showing groth, with 5-year compound annual growth rates of 17 percent and 16 percent respectively.  NMI recognizes gluten-free foods as an example of a health claim specific food that has grown recently.  The company noted that gluten-free foods have show a 50 percent compound annual growth over the past 6 years and generate nearly US$400 million a year.  Probiotics is a nutrient that the company adds to keep an eye on over the next year, as it has shown growth in the past few years. To view the Health & Wellness Trends Database visit

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