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Patent Pick: Flavanone Brings Anti-aging Order to Collagen Bundles

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According to POLA inventors, one mechanism in the formation of wrinkles may be the disorder and collapse of the collagen fiber bundle structure. This can lead to the partial lack of the dermis collagen fiber bundle itself. Skin in this condition acts similarly to wounded skin.

Terpenes such as mono- or triterpene, or derivatives thereof, can reportedly restore collagen fiber bundles. In addition, some plant extracts, such as Hypericum, also have remodeling action. However, these substances cannot reconstruct collagen fiber bundles where they are no longer present around fibroblasts.

As such, there is a need to identify a means to sufficiently remodel disordered collagen fiber bundles. This was the focus of a recent patent.

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Flavanone derivative to remodel disordered collagen 
European Patent EP1987810
Assignee: Pola Chemical Industries Inc.
Publication date: June 7, 2017

Disclosed in this patent is an external preparation for skin that has excellent remodeling action on disordered collagen fiber bundle structures of the dermis. This invention is intended to promote wound healing activity on the affected area by enhancing tissue regeneration, typified by the collagen-production ability of fibroblasts or the like in the dermis.

The present inventors have discovered that flavanone derivatives such as farrerol exhibit said effects. In a preferred embodiment, a preparation is described containing an extract of Hypericum erectum Guttiferae (St. John's Wort) containing 10-6 to 0.1% by mass of the flavanone derivative farrerol.

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