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Skin Care

L'Oréal, S.A.
Use of at least one (dihydro)jasmonic acid derivative as a desquamating agent
Disclosed is the cosmetic use, as a desquamating agent, of at least one (dihydro)jasmonic acid derivative of a given formula. Further disclosed is a cosmetic method for smoothing the visible and/or tactile irregularities of the skin surface by topically applying a composition comprising, in a physiologically acceptable medium, at least one (dihydro)jasmonic acid derivative and glycerin. The composition could be used, for example, for smoothing wrinkles, fine lines, skin spots or otherwise normal skin.

Access Business Group International LLC
Skin whitening compositions containing black cohosh extract
A skin whitening composition includes an extract of black cohosh obtained by sequentially exposing the black cohosh to two or more solvents of varying solvent strengths. The composition can be topically applied to the human skin as a way to suppress melanogenesis.

Geymonat S.p.A.
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositions comprising plgf-1
The invention relates to the preparation of placental growth factor (PLGF)-comprising therapeutic and cosmetic compositions capable of increasing angiogenesis of the cutaneous, subcutaneous and internal organ connective tissue. Such compositions are suitable for the treatment of pathological or natural states benefiting from the formation or regeneration of new vessels of the cutaneous compartment, such as scleroderma, its various manifestations, skin aging or loss of hair.

Coty B.V.
Active preparation containing plant extracts for cosmetics
Disclosed is an active ingredient composition effective particularly in combating free radicals. The composition is an alcohol-based mixture of four vegetable extracts that is devoid of liposomes. It consists of 0.1–2% of each of four extracts—green coffee-bean, Camellia sinensis leaf, Pongamia pinnata and Angelica archangelica root—with a residual content of a monovalent C2–C5 alcohol to obtain the total of 100%, where all percentages are by weight. The free radical protection factor amounts to 1400–2900×1014 free radicals per mg.

Conopco Inc.
Cosmetic composition
Disclosed is a cosmetic composition that is substantially free of fatty acids and soap and yet displays the typical sensory and optical features of a vanishing cream. The composition comprises C12–C22 fatty alcohol, emulsifier, inorganic agent, polymer and water. The inorganic agent is smectite clay. The composition is mild and may be used to stabilize and deliver a wide variety of skin benefit agents such as sunscreens.

Unilever Home & Personal Care USA, division of Conopco, Inc.
Silky feel cosmetic emulsion chassis based on glycerin and chemically modified starch
Disclosed is a cosmetic composition that includes a high level of glycerin, a chemically modified starch and a crystalline gel structurant. The starch is preferably a hydroxypropyl di-starch phosphate or an acetylated di-starch adipate. The crystalline gel structurant consists of a surfactant and co-surfactant; the structurant has an enthalpy in the range of approximately 2–15 J/g. The composition has a silky sensory feel and exhibits a positive normal force, preferably ranging from about +0.5 to about +5 g. The glycerin and chemically modified starch are present in a weight ratio ranging from approximately 100:1 to approximately 2:1. Advantageously, the composition has a SkiCon Value in the range of approximately 10–80.

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