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Skin Care

Cognis Corporation
Extract of a plant belonging to the genus Plukenetia volubilis and its cosmetic use
The invention relates to a preparation containing an extract of a plant of the family Euphorbiaceae genus plukenetia and cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations containing the extract. The extract contains proteins that when applied to the skin can provide an anti-inflammatory effect, a skin-tightening effect, an antiaging effect and a substantivity effect. The preparations can also contain an oil of the plant. The preferred plant is Plukenetia volubilis.

T Ho (inventor)
Skin lightening method
A skin lightening composition for lightening the natural skin color of a user, and for treating disorders of hyperpigmentation. The active ingredient is methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM), present at 1–20% by weight in a topical composition. Orally ingestible preparations for skin lightening are also disclosed.

N Mougin et al (inventors)
Cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical composition comprising at least one copolymer comprising at least one ionizable group, and cosmetic treatment process
The subject compositions comprise, in a physiologically acceptable medium, at least one (co)polymer comprising a polymer backbone and at least one junction group linked to the polymer backbone and capable of establishing H bonds with at least one partner junction group, each pairing of a junction group involving at least 3 H bonds, wherein the at least one (co)polymer comprises at least one ionizable group. Also disclosed is a cosmetic treatment process comprising applying the composition to keratin materials.

The Procter & Gamble Company
Method of enhancing penetration of water-soluble actives
A method of enhancing the delivery of water-soluble skin care actives into keratinous tissue, comprising the step of applying to the keratinous tissue a w/o emulsion comprising an aqueous phase and a nonaqueous phase, wherein the aqueous phase comprises a water-soluble skin care active, and where upon application of shear stress to the composition, the aqueous phase is visibly separated from the nonaqueous phase.

Hair Care

S Decoster and P Mezure (inventors)
Cosmetic method for soothing the reactions of discomfort of the scalp, using an oxyalkylenated sorbitan ester as a soothing agent
Disclosed are scalp-soothing cosmetic compositions comprising, in an aqueous or aqueous-alcoholic medium, at least one ester of fatty acid and sorbitan comprising from one to 20 oxyalkylene units.

J Dorkel, G Vic and H Samain (inventors)
Cosmetic composition comprising at least one polymerizable cyanoacrylate monomer and at least one conditioning agent and/or at least one particular additional compound, for improving the color of artificially dyed keratin fibers
In the compositions described in the title, at least one additional compound is chosen from fillers, mineral and organic bases, and C1–8 lower alcohols. The compositions are useful for improving the color of artificially dyed keratin fibers, for protecting the color of artificially dyed keratin fibers, and for their cosmetic properties with respect to washing and/or for unifying the color of keratin fibers after dyeing them.

Hair care composition

A leave-on hair care composition comprising a wax dispersion and a specified aqueous oil emulsion. The oil phase is a liquid and comprises one or more nonvolatile oils, where the dynamic viscosity of any single nonvolatile oil or the dynamic viscosity of a blend of nonvolatile oils is less than 1000 mPas at 35°C and 5 sec-1. The liquid in the oil phase also comprises an oil-dispersible structurant such that the dynamic viscosity of the structured oil phase at 35°C prior to formation of the emulsion is at least 50,000 mPas at a shear rate of 0.5 sec-1 and is less than 6,000 mPas at a shear rate of 500 sec-1.


International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.
3-Methyl oxetanemethanol derivatives and their use in perfume compositions

The present invention relates to new 3-methyl oxetanemethanol derivatives and their use as fragrance chemicals suitable for incorporation in fine fragrances, cosmetics, toiletries and related applications.

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