J&J Establishes Online Institute for Naturals Education

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies Inc. has established an education-based Web site as a resource for information on the science of natural ingredients in skin care. The Active Naturals Institute strives to bring the consumer and the scientist closer by offering information from dermatologists, phytoscientists and researchers at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies Inc.

These professionals will share knowledge and experiences, explore breakthrough technologies, and champion innovations for the use of natural ingredients in skin care. Educational content for the Web site is reviewed by a scientific committee of scientists and dermatologists.

In relation, a $50,000 annual research stipend will be awarded to promote dermatology research within the field of natural ingredients. Emphasis will be placed on supporting research that benefits the dermatology community at large and has significant potential to advance patient care. Specific areas of interest include emerging natural ingredients, the role of natural ingredients in antiaging formulations, and barrier protection and repair. Applications are available online until Nov. 30, 2009.

The library on the Web site offers an indexed scientific review of new and existing natural ingredients and their applications in dermatology including history and origin, available preclinical and clinical data, and sourced references. An online laboratory will explore the processes of screening, validation and development of natural ingredients with scientifically proven benefits in skin care. Similarly, the online auditorium provides access to a slide kit and video presentations on natural ingredients in dermatology.

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