Patent Pick: Saggy Skin? Kelp Can Help


Sirtuins are enzymes that are well-known to play critical roles in epigenetic and metabolic pathways. In humans and other mammals, seven types have been identified, referred to as Sirtuins 1-7 or SIRT1-7.

According to a new Estée Lauder patent, SIRT1 and SIRT6 are localized in the cell nucleus. SIRT3, SIRT4, and SIRT5 are found in the mitochondria. SIRT2 is found in the cytoplasm and SIRT7 in the nucleolus. 

By focusing on SIRT1, SIRT3 and SIRT6, these inventors have found they can stimulate collagen synthesis in aging skin cells. They do so using a topical composition incorporating a kelp, Narcissus and peptide trio.

Kelp, Narcissus and peptides to enhance collagen synthesis 
U.S. Patent 9750682
Publication date: Sept. 5, 2017
Assignee: ELC Management LLC

Disclosed in this invention are methods and compositions for improving the appearance of aging skin by reducing laxity and/or wrinkles and/or fine lines by, as noted, enhancing collagen synthesis in skin cells. By activating sirtuins that promote collagen synthesis, the appearance of lines and wrinkles is reduced.

This is achieved by topically applying a composition comprising at least one extract from the Laminaria kelp genus, which can activate SIRT3; at least one extract from the Narcissus genus, which can activate SIRT1; and at least one peptide that stimulates SIRT6 activity.

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