Patent Pick: Prostaglandin Anti Hair-loss


Patent Picks are chosen by the editors from publicly available sources. Today's highlight relates to prostaglandin agonists to treat glaucoma, hair loss and more.

Therapeutic prostaglandin receptor agonists
WIPO Patent Application WO/2015/175984
Publication date: Nov. 19, 2015
Assignee: Allergan, Inc.

Disclosed in this patent are compounds that can be used in topical liquids, creams or other dosage forms such as solids, to reduce intraocular pressure, treat glaucoma, grow hair, treat wounds and more.

Specifically described are optionally substituted cyclopentanones, such as optionally substituted 2,3-diarylalkyl cyclopentanones, which can have binding or activity at prostaglandin receptors, such as prostaglandin E receptors, including EP4.

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