Alternative Hair Cleansing

New approaches to hair cleansing range from dry powders and sprays, to creamy cleansers that skip shampooing altogether. In fact, according to Mintel's NPD Database, shampoo alternatives are rising in popularity, with an increasing number of consumers favoring dry shampoo. The UK is leading the way, with 13% of Brits using dry shampoo, followed by France and Germany (7%), and Italy and Spain (5%). Carmen Castillo Bucci, of L'Oréal USA, will explore these less traditional means to cleanse hair, as well as consider how they impact different types of hair during the Cosmetics & Toiletries Summit.

Castillo Bucci Biography

For the past year, Carmen Castillo Bucci has developed and led the ethnic hair care team, and created the Ethnic Innovation Hub at L'Oréal in Clark, NJ, to meet the increasing beauty needs of the multicultural consumer. This Ethnic Team supports innovation and development for the Americas and Africa. Prior to that, she served for 15 years as the Assistant Vice President of Research and Innovation for the company's Hair Care division, delivering multiple innovations to ensure the success of the L' Oréal Paris Advanced Hair Care, Redken, Matrix and PureOlogy brands. She developed and successfully launched sulfate-free hair care lines for these brands, as well as Kiehl’s color and repair categories. She also launched products under Soft Sheen-Carson ethnic brands Dark and Lovely, Optimum Oil Therapy, Let's Jam; and Mizani Professional brands Thermasmooth,True Textures, Supreme Oil, Moisture Fusion, Scalp Care, and others.

Castillo Bucci was also designated to lead the transition and facilitate the training of new leadership in Hair Care US, and was instrumental in the re-organization and development of new members. She earned her BS in biochemistry from the State University of New York at Stony Brook; her pharmacy license from Universidad Complutense de Madrid; her MBA from Dowling Collegel and her MS in chemistry from Polytechnic University.

About C&T Summit

C&T Summit is an interactive two-day event, designed to spark innovation and inspire the creative utilization of science in cosmetic product development. It will be held June 22 and 23, 2015, at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Featuring a high-level technical conference and hands-on, practical application workshops, the C&T Summit provides an experiential learning environment, aiming to transfer knowledge through participation. For more information on the program, sign up for our mailing list or visit

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