V. filiformis for Antiaging, Rice Protein for Skin Pigmentation: Literature Findings

Skin and Skin Care
Limiting wrinkles: L’Oréal discloses a cosmetic process to limit facial wrinkles due to aging. This process uses a composition containing an extract of Vitreoscilla filiformis or other filamentous bacterium that contains no spores and is not photosynthetic. The composition may be applied on the skin of the face and neck. An extract of V. filiformis was prepared and its efficacy on lipogenesis and adipocyte differentiation was shown. Formulation of a cream containing 0.05% of the extract is disclosed.

Trienzyme activity for skin conditioning: Elemis Ltd. has been granted a patent on skin care compositions comprising a trienzyme combination of thiol protease and two serine proteases. An example cosmetic composition contains a suitable carrier and at least all of the following: one thiol protease, a serine protease derived from Aspergillus melleus, and a second serine protease. The thiol protease may be selected from papain, ficin, bromelain and actinidin. The first serine protease is derived from proteinase. The second serine protease is selected from the group consisting of subtilisin, trypsin and chymotrypsin. The synergistic combination of these three proteolytic enzyme activities—the trienzyme activity—in the compositions of the invention facilitates improved cosmetic epidermal conditioning and resurfacing. Methods to use the compositions and methods of reconstituting the desired trienzyme activity in situ are also provided.

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