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Dyeing and Shaping of Hair
Wella AG
Method for simultaneously dyeing and permanent shaping of hair
The disclosed method for simultaneously dyeing and permanent shaping of hair includes winding hair strands onto curlers; mixing a) a dye component containing 1–10% by weight of one or more dye compound and an amount of a keratin-reducing substance with b) a shaping component containing 6–15% by weight of the keratin-reducing substance in a weight ratio of from about 1:1 to 1:10 to form a dyeing and shaping composition, which necessarily contains 5–18% by weight of the keratin-reducing substance; then allowing the hair with the dyeing and shaping composition to act on the hair for an acting time sufficient for permanent shaping. After that, the method involves allowing a fixing composition to act on the hair for 1–40 min and subsequently rinsing the hair. The dye component contains 4,5-diaminopyrazole derivatives and certain aminophenol derivatives.

Gingko Biloba for Sun Care
The Proctor & Gamble Company
Cosmetic composition comprising gingko biloba and sunscreen agents
A cosmetic composition is provided comprising a Gingko biloba extract, an alkyl β,β-diphenylacrylate and/or α-cyano β,β-diphenylacrylate derivative, and a dibenzoyl methane derivative. A cosmetic use of that composition is also provided for preventing sun damage and photo aging.

Cosmetic or dermatologic compositions containing microspheres
The compositions of this invention comprise a microsphere and a film-forming component. Such compositions possess improved cosmetic or dermatologic properties and characteristics such as increasing eyelash length and/or volume, improving the hold of the shape or curl of hair/eyelashes, permitting hair or eyelashes to be reshaped into the original style without reapplying a hair or eyelash styling composition and/or heat, or increasing transfer-resistance, waterproofing and/or long-wear properties.

Foam Carrier
Kamedis Ltd.
Cosmetic and pharmaceutical foam carrier
The invention provides a quick-break, alcohol-free, cosmetic and pharmaceutical foam carrier comprising approximately 20–60% hydrophobic volatile solvent, approximately 20–60% water, approximately 3–20% of polyol, and approximately 0.1–7.5% of a surface active agent. The carrier is suited for inclusion in both water-soluble and oil-soluble cosmetic agents.

UV Protection from Merocyanine Sulfone Derivatives
UV-photoprotecting/sunscreen compositions comprising silane/siloxane derivatives of merocyanine sulfones
Topically applicable cosmetic compositions useful for the UVA photoprotection of the skin and/or hair contain effective amounts of at least one silane, siloxane or polysiloxane merocyanine sulfone having at least one of three structural formulae specified in the patent application.

Block Polymer
Cosmetic composition comprising at least one specific block copolymer
The present invention relates to a cosmetic composition comprising, in a physiologically acceptable medium, the following components: at least one fatty phase, and at least one block copolymer of rod-coil type comprising at least one coil polymeric block structure with a variable conformation covalently bonded to at least one rod polymeric block structure with a restricted conformation. The polymers considered in the present invention are easily applied to the hair and, surprisingly, exhibit a satisfactory styling ability and are easily removed with a simple shampoo. Brushing the treated hair does not result in a powdering effect but leaves the hair soft, glossy and nontacky.

Wrinkle Tensing
Method for the cosmetic treatment of wrinkled skin using a cosmetic composition containing a tightening agent and a dispersion of solid particles of a grafted acrylic polymer
The present invention relates to a cosmetic process for softening the wrinkles of wrinkled skin comprising a stage consisting in applying, to said wrinkled skin, a cosmetic composition, in particular an antiwrinkle composition, comprising, in a physiologically acceptable medium suitable for topical application to the skin of the face: 0.1–20% by weight of at least one tensioning agent, with respect to the total weight of the composition, and at least one dispersion in a liquid fatty phase of solid particles of a grafted ethylenic polymer. This composition makes it possible to contribute a persistent tensioning effect to the keratinous substances to which it is applied.

Stick Cosmetics
Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd.
Stick type cosmetic and production process for the same
In order to provide a stick-type cosmetic in which the feeling, when applied, can freely be set either "hard" or "soft" according to a size and a distribution of mesopores, or the kind of a material, while maintaining a satisfactory color developing property and satisfactory drawn line intensity. In addition, the inventive stick-type cosmetic is excellent in mechanical strength (flexural strength, tensile strength and impact strength) and can actualize multicolor. The stick-type cosmetic is characterized by comprising a mesoporous material as a skeleton, and a production process for the same is characterized by producing the stick-type cosmetic by synthesizing the mesoporous material at low temperature by means of microwave heating and ultrasonic cleaning.

The Procter & Gamble Company
Cosmetic composition comprising seabuckthorn
Cosmetic compositions are provided comprising a hydrophilic extract of seabuckthorn and a hydrophilic vitamin component. The hydrophilic extracts of seabuckthorn in combination with hydrophilic vitamin component may give rise to unexpected benefits when used in the cosmetic treatment of skin. The combination may show synergistic effects on regulating the skin condition, and in particular on improving skin tone, skin texture and skin barrier function.

Zinc, Copper Sulfates and Sucralfates for Healing
Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique
Cosmetic composition based on zinc and copper sulfates and sucralfate
The invention relates to a cosmetic composition comprising an association of sucralfate and a mixture of zinc and copper sulfates in an excipient suitable for topical application to the skin. More specifically, said composition is intended for the regenerating, healing and/or anti-inflammatory treatment of the skin.

Solid Soap
P&PF Co., Ltd.
Solid soap composition and solid soap
The present invention relates to a skin cleaning solid soap and a raw material composition thereof that can perform makeup removal at the same time during facial cleaning.

Menthol Derivative, Cooling Agent
K. Ishida et al. (inventors)
Menthol derivative and cooling agent composition comprising the same
The invention relates to innovative menthol derivatives that are represented by the general formula presented in the patent application and are excellent in a cooling effect and cool-retaining effect, cooling agent compositions comprising the menthol derivatives, and sensory stimulation agent compositions containing the cooling agent compositions, as well as fragrance compositions, beverage or food products, cosmetic products, toiletry products, bathing agents, and pharmaceutical products containing the cooling agent compositions or sensory stimulation agent compositions.

Glass Flakes as Filler
Merck Patent GmbH
Glass flakes, and the use thereof as transparent filler
The present invention relates to glass flakes and to the use thereof, in particular as transparent filler in cosmetic formulations. Glass flakes having certain dimensions are suitable, owing to their transparency, as filler in cosmetic formulations because they do not change the basic color of the formulation and at the same time improve the skin feel.

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