Sights Seen at NYSCC Supplers’ Day

The floor was crowded at last week’s NYSCC Suppliers’ Day, held at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison, NJ, and it wasn’t just because the sun was hot and the humidity high. More than 800 exhibitors filled the hall to show their latest and greatest to attendees.

BASF welcomed visitors with a theme of “Inspired by Life,“ introducing seven new personal care ingredients. Emulgade Sucro Plus is a natural-based emulsifier with good emulsifying properties and a high electrolyte tolerance. It’s designed to demonstrate distinct sensory benefits and performance in finished formulations. Collrepair DG, a new active ingredient that is able to reverse the consequences of glycation, is a synergistic complex that breaks advanced glycation end products to help skin fibers gain back their flexibility and functionality. 

Dermawhite WF caters to the desire for a brighter complexion: In vitro, the active ingredient inhibits the melanin synthesis by a reported 90 percent. Chione Celestial Gold is a new generation of gold synthetic mica. It is a pure white gold shade for a shimmering glow and shine in various cosmetics – from lip gloss to body serum. Reflecks MultiDimensions is a new line of color travel pigments that give cosmetics a vibrancy by changing color with the movement of the wearer.

Croda is applying its DuraQuench IQ SA to hair care. Designed primarily for use in skin care, a recent study revealed that it also can provide increased hydration and moisturization of the scalp, along with increased barrier protection. Study participants found that their scalp felt better and their hair softer after participating in the study, Croda said.

Akzo Nobel showed off some of its personal care portfolio, including its Dry-Flo aesthetic modifiers, which are based on naturally derived starch technology and have oil-adsorbing properties. Also on display were the supplier’s Celquat polymers, which provide conditioning and deposition of actives from rinse-off systems, and a group of film-forming polymers: Amphomer, which provide hold and humidity resistance in hair spray systems; Dermacryl, for water resistance and SPF retention in sunscreens; and Biostyle hybrid polymers, which boost volume and provide gel clarity for styling products.

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