Editor's Note: Aging in a New Light


WSJ magazine recently reported1 that while beauty marketers had been targeting younger consumers, dismissing consumers over 50 as “aging out,” this dynamic may be shifting back toward the older generation—and its stronger buying power. “The 50-plus demographic makes up the largest percent of the population with the highest amount of spend,” said Maude Brunschwig, SVP of marketing at L’Oréal Paris, according to the report.1

Furthermore, menopause has entered the discussion, as it fosters major changes in skin and hair for which many women are unprepared (and that consumer products can address). The WSJ report adds that according to venture capital firm Female Founders Fund, more than one billion women are expected to be postmenopausal by 2025, amounting to a $600 billion opportunity.

The market also has embraced aging in another way: the anti-aging mindset has shifted in a more positive light toward well aging to reflect growing older in a healthy and joyful way. However you position it, even amid the pandemic, the “anti-aging” market is projected2 to expand at a CAGR of 6.8% between 2020 and 2027 to reach US $83.2 billion. And within this segment, sunscreens are expected to outpace the category with a CAGR of 7.8%.

Well aging and sun protection—i.e., anti-intrinsic and anti-extrinsic aging—also go hand in hand with today’s heightened focus on safety and protection. This is especially true considering how with age, skin’s health and vitality is depleted, in turn lowering our defenses all around.

This month’s C&T focuses heavily on aging and sun protection, starting with the biology of body skin and how it ages, on Page 26, and working up to the face with a hyaluronic and retinoic acid conjugate for aging and acne, on Page 60. A cleaner and simpler approach to sun protection is described on Page 50, and ideas for full spectrum protection are offered in our “Expert Opinions” piece on Page 16; plus, our Sun Protection Formulary begins on Page 62.

In addition, we debut a “Preservation Focus” section this month on Page 34, and we offer a unique look at inclusive beauty from the eyes of the blind and visually impaired consumers on Page 24. We hope this edition provides you insights on skin aging, sun protection and more in a new light.


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Rachel L. Grabenhofer, Managing Editor

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