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[podcast] A Closer Look at Psoriasis Care

Contact Author Rachel Grabenhofer with Neal Bhatia, M.D.
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Psoriasis has not received the same attention as atopic dermatitis (AD), in terms of treatment products. This is why Neal Bhatia, M.D., associate clinical professor at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and private practitioner at Therapeutics Dermatology, was interested in patient satisfaction with the CeraVe product line.


"Psoriasis [has] never really had—not like atopic dermatitis—a dedicated product line," explained Bhatia. "AD and eczema patients tend to get more products driven [to them] based on the needs of cleansing and moisturizing to reduce itch. Some of it is because AD patients have a lot of areas involved that are not particularly taken in with a rash, per se.

"[With AD and eczema,] the itching can be anywhere besides the rash—vs psoriasis, where the rash typically is the area of involvement."

During the 2018 AAD meeting, Bhatia presented the results of a survey of psoriasis patients who utilize the CeraVe brand. This three-part podcast series is based on this study but additionally explores the differences in these skin conditions, the industry's interest in the market for compromised skin, ingredient considerations and future studies.

Listen now to Part I, below; or continue to Part II or Part III.

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