Claims Support Literature Review-Part III, Hair Care

July 23, 2009 | Contact Author | By: Charles Fox
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Keywords: claim substantiation | hair care products | cationic polymers | polyquaterniums | protein kinase C | cationic surfactants

Abstract: This article is the third in series focusing on claim support. Part 3, published here, focuses on cationic polymers, polyquaternium hair conditioning, alkaline hair relaxers, protein kinase C, cationic surfactants, penetration pathways, hair swelling and

Editor's Note: This paper will be presented as a seies both in Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine and on www.TheCosmeticSite.com. Charles Fox's Claims Support Literature Review-Part 1, SKin Care was published in the October Issue of C&T magazine. Part II, which also focused on skin care, was published on www.theCosmeticSite.com. Part IV is scheduled for publication in early 2003.

This portion of my review on claim support is referenced by literature references. It covers hair and several types of hair care products including hair coating, hair conditioners, shampoos, hair damage, hair growth, hair moisture, hair penetration, hair swelling and hair waving. The previously published review sections I and II dealt with popular ingredients used in cosmetic products, and the final section to be published early next year will cover skin physiology and properties.