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Sunscreen Data Requests, Misperceptions and the Public Health Crisis

"The FDA is not saying 40% of sunscreens (or whatever) do not meet its rules for safety and effectiveness—not to the extent the EWG is suggesting." But the FDA also is muddying the waters, according to PASS Coalition adviser Michael Werner.

PASS Coalition Answers EWG's Latest Sunscreen Attack

“Everyone, including the FDA, is clear about the benefits of sunscreen,” says Michael Werner, policy advisor to the PASS Coalition. “Currently marketed sunscreen ingredients are a proven tool in the fight against the growing skin cancer epidemic in the United States."

Could the US Virgin Islands Be Next to Ban Octinoxate and Oxybenzone?

A bill banning the sale, importation and distribution of certain sunscreen ingredients in personal care is making its way through the U.S. Virgin Islands' legislature.

FDA Recalls Tattoo Inks for Bacteria Contamination

The tattoo inks were manufactured or distributed by four firms inspected under an ongoing assignment.

FCA President and CEO Testifies Against Tariffs

The Fragrance Creators Association (FCA) notes that the tariffs, while aiming to promote U.S. manufacturing, would negatively impact American business and consumers while providing no additional benefit to the U.S. economy.

Back to Basics, Part II: Ensuring Product Safety

Safety is a major consideration when developing cosmetic products. This article describes safety guidelines in the U.S. and EU, along with the steps to take during development to ensure that products are safe for human use.

US FDA to Assess Cosmetic Safety Through Manufacturing Survey

The survey "is part of the FDA’s ongoing effort to add to [its] understanding of the cosmetic industry and manufacturing practices" in order to ensure cosmetic safety.

Facing a Recall? The FDA Offers Advice

In order for a recall to be effective, timely (and as painless as possible), it’s crucial that companies be prepared to take all necessary steps once it is initiated. The U.S. FDA is drafting a guidance to help.

CIR Conclusion: Judging Natural vs. Synthetic Safety

Several naturally derived ingredients are on the Cosmetic Ingredient Review’s (CIR's) list for consideration in 2019. This column explores how public opinion is not always in line with science, as far as what natural means. In addition, it provides CIR conclusions from December 2018.

[updated] FDA Oversight Becomes Closer to Reality for US Cosmetics

According to the bill's authors, it is supported by the leading cosmetic manufacturers and would give the FDA unprecedented authority. Editor's note: This report now includes CIR commentary.

FDA Talks Cannabis Next Steps, Announces Public Hearing

The new steps will include the creation of an eternal agency that will explore potential pathways for the lawful marketing of products with CBD.

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