Colipa Welcomes Sunscreen Product Consultation

Colipa, the European Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association, says it welcomes the European Commission’s announced plan for a public consultation on the drafted “Recommendation on the Efficacy of Sunscreen Products” and related claims. According to the group, the European cosmetics industry fully supports initiatives that aim at further improving information to consumers and is committed to fruitful dialogue and concrete steps to achieve this goal.

Market research reportedly has shown that consumers value the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) number as a means of selecting their correct level of protection. Continued and consistent use of the SPF designation is in the interest of consumers; however, Colipa agrees that the variety of SPF designations can be limited without significantly reducing the choice of consumers. Colipa also welcomes the intention that any label referring to UVA protection should be linked to a demonstrated minimum efficacy and the group will actively contribute to its implementation.

“Colipa has a tradition of voluntary initiatives in the field of sun protection testing and labeling, which formed the basis of useful collaboration with the European Commission over the last years,” said Bertil Heerink, director-general of Colipa. “We will, in cooperation with all stakeholders, continue to contribute to the main objective: to provide consumers with understandable and adequate product information.”

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