Cognis Classifies Green Products

In respose to the growing demand for natural and organic ingredients, Cognis Care Chemicals has created “Green Chemical Solutions”, a new classification system based on product specific data. It offers clear information on the entire Care Chemicals product range at a glance, showing the proportion of natural, renewable raw materials in every ingredient.

By categorizing its portfolio into different levels of “naturalness”, Care Chemicals reportedly is simplifying the formulator's product selection to determine the degree of “greenness” for their end-products.

“[The green trend] is not a uniform movement – which is perceivable through the fact that there are more and more eco labels and certificates with different requirements than ever before. However, the related terms, such as ‘organic’ or ‘pure natural’, are not always defined clearly. Bettina Jackwerth, global marketing director of skin care for Cognis.

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