Organic Food Inspector Sets Standards for Organic Personal Care

The Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G), a UK-based organic food inspector and licensor, has established a standard for organic cosmetics and body care.  The organization launched its standards on April 5, 2007, which it claims gives manufacturers the opportunity to have their products assessed and approved by an independent third party.

"It is important for us to support this area of the organic sector because it has a part to play in promoting ethical and environmentally sustainable consumption. When people buy these products they have a right to know that the claims made for them are independently scrutinized and approved," said Richard Jacobs, chief executive of OF&G, in a company press release.

According to the organization, having organic personal care products approved can be a selling point. It can also reportedly help consumers validate which products are truly organic.

The certification process is based on a few principles including: products being minimally processed and containing the maximum possible amount of organic ingredients and the minimum proportion of additives (certified wild-crafted or wild-harvested ingredients are regarded as equivalent to organic ingredients); products being of high quality and optimal for their purpose; and the process being socially just and ecologically responsible.

Also, no genetically modified organisms or products derived from them can be considered organic. The organization also states that no further animal testing should be performed on the ingredients used or finished products manufactured unless required by law. The ingredient labels, according to the organization, must be clear and accurate and manufacturers must comply to all legal requirements and industry codes of good practice in addition to the organization's standards.

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