Winners in Cosmetic Chemistry, Service Named for SCC's 75th Annual Meeting

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Winners of more than ten prestigious industry awards will be presented during the Society of Cosmetic Chemists' (SCC's) 75th Annual Scientific Meeting, to be held Dec. 13-15, 2021, in New York. The awards and recipients include the following.

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Maison G. De Navarre Medal Award

“For the first time in SCC history, we’re presenting our highest honor to a previous recipient (1997), R. Randall Wickett, Ph.D., as a testament to his industry expertise and commitment to advancing cosmetic science,” said Erica O’Grady, CEO of the SCC. The award recognizes his activity in supporting the best interests of the cosmetic industry through technical contributions.

Wickett holds a doctorate in biophysics from Oregon State University and is currently emeritus professor of cosmetic science in the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy at the University of Cincinnati. Previously, he worked for Procter & Gamble and the SC Johnson Company, performing research on skin and hair care products. Wickett has authored more than 120 scientific articles, holds several patents, and has given more than 100 invited presentations in his 40+ years in the industry.

Robert A. Kramer Lifetime Service Award

“Stanley R. Milstein, PhD, has served the society with distinction during his 40+ years of continuous membership in various capacities, including national board president (1992), local chapter board positions, and chair of the committee on scientific affairs,” said O’Grady. “During his time at the FDA, Dr. Milstein was a true ally in building a relationship between our organizations. He is a well-respected academic, government practitioner and industry veteran, holding several senior scientific and regulatory affairs positions.”

Merit Award

“Perry Romanowski, (of Element 44, Inc.), has been an outstanding advocate for the benefits of SCC membership,” said O’Grady. “We are thrilled to honor him with the 2021 Merit Award. During Perry’s 29+ years of membership, he has served the society as a course instructor, IFSCC liaison, chapter president and national board president (2018). A tireless champion of the SCC and its mission to advance cosmetic science, he has had a significant impact on our growth and success.”

Young Scientist Award

The Young Scientist Award, sponsored by Surfatech, recognizes the best paper by a young scientist under the age of 40 presented at the preceding annual scientific meeting. This award will be presented to Allison Garlet (BASF Corp.) for her paper entitled, “Droplet-based Microfluidic Screening Method to Select Ingredients Targeting Skin Microbial Communities." 

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Green Star Award

The Green Star Award, sponsored by Colonial Chemical, recognizes the formulator who has done outstanding work in green formulations during the previous 12-month period. This year's award will be presented to Peyton Munoz (Aveda) for her Aveda Nutriplenish Curl Gelee formulation.

Society of Cosmetic Chemists Award

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists Award, sponsored by Hallstar, recognizes the best paper presented at the preceding SCC annual scientific meeting that made the greatest scientific contribution to knowledge in the field of protecting against or ameliorating damage to human skin caused by exposure to UV radiation. This award will be presented to Vincent Hubiche (Gattefossé) for his paper entitled, “Impact of Layering on UV Protective Film Durability."

Hans A. Schaeffer Award

The Hans A. Schaeffer Award, sponsored by NAGASE Specialty Materials NA, recognizes the most innovative paper presented at the preceding SCC annual scientific meeting. This year's award will be presented to Philip Ludwig (BASF Corp.) for his paper entitled, “A New 3D-autologous IPSC-derived Model to Mimic the Hair Bulb Structure and Multiple Crosstalk.”

Joseph P. Ciaudelli Award

The Joseph P. Ciaudelli Award, sponsored by Croda, recognizes the best article appearing in the Journal of Cosmetic Science on the subject of hair care technology. This award will be presented to authors Roger McMullen, Ph.D. and Guojin Zhang (both of Ashland) for their article entitled, “Investigation of the Internal Structure of Human Hair with Atomic Force Microscopy."

Shaw Mudge Award

The Shaw Mudge Award recognizes the best paper presented at the preceding SCC annual scientific. This year's award will be presented to Paul Lawrence, Ph.D. (Biocogent, LLC) for his paper entitled, “Small Non-coding RNAs: An Epigenetic Toggle Switch for Gene Expression."

Des Goddard Award

The Des Goddard Award, sponsored by Mary Kay, recognizes the most innovative paper on the topic of polymer science related to cosmetics or personal care presented at the preceding annual scientific meeting or published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science. This year's award will be presented to authors Aina Davies and  Samiul Amin, Ph.D. (Manhattan College) for their journal article entitled, “Rheology of Cosmetic Products: Surfactant Mesophase, Foams and Emulsions."

Allan and Jeanette Black Award

The Allan and Jeanette Black Award, sponsored by Presperse, recognizes the best paper on makeup technology presented at the preceding SCC annual scientific meeting or published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science. This award will be presented to Di Qu, Ph.D. (Amway Corp.), for his article entitled, “Objective Methods for Quantifying Color Retention and Bleeding Potential of a Lipstick Through Large Scale Panel Perception and Controlled Usability Studies.

“SCC is proud to highlight the extraordinary work, cutting-edge research, and advancements that our members achieve in the cosmetic sciences,” said Liz Streland, 2021 SCC national board president and senior account manager, NAGASE Specialty Materials NA, LLC. “These winners join a long and prestigious list of accomplished professionals who have been recognized by their peers for their outstanding contributions to SCC and our industry.”

See these award presentations in person or online by attending the SCC annual meeting.

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