Alban Muller Elected To the Botanical Alliance and the Japan Cosmetic Center

Alban Muller, CEO of his namesake company, has added a few new reponsibilities to his activity in the cosmetic industry. He has been elected chairman of the Botanical Alliance and president of the Japan Cosmetic Center.

He joins the Botanical Alliance to help the group complete NCS Tox (launched and managed by UNITIS), a project aiming to improve the knowledge of natural complex substances (NCSs) and their safety. At the end of the project, a database with predictive toxicological data will enable the completion of a toxicological profile of plant extracts and the establishment of a Cosmetic Product Safety Report from an analysis of the chemical composition without further tests, in accordance with the Cosmetics Regulation. For Muller, this support is an important milestone for the credibility of this sector of excellence when the absence of alternative methods for some tests on animals may affect its growth and block its capacity to innovate.

Due to his extensive experience of the international market and his eco-responsible business model, Muller has also been elected president of the Japan Cosmetic Center.

Created in April 2013, the Japan Cosmetic Center is meant to become the hub of the cosmetic industry in Asia. It aims to lead joint research programs and reciprocal business development actions by connecting French and Japanese companies and universities. Its strategic position facing China and Korea makes it an ideal gateway for French products in Asia.

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