Hu Replaces Wentworth as VP of R&D for HallStar

Robert Shengkui Hu, PhD, has been named vice president of R&D for The HallStar Company. Hu will replace Gary Wentworth, who will retire from the company this year after overseeing the transition of his responsibilities.

Before joining HallStar, Hu served as vice president of global technology at Beckers Consumer Design Finishes, a division of Beckers Industrial Coatings/Lindengruppen, which specializes in coatings for consumer electronics and household appliances. He managed a technical team of 80 people in Asia, Europe, and North America, and was responsible for the division’s R&D strategy and patent portfolio. Prior to Beckers, he held several key positions at PPG Industries, including technical director of industrial coatings in the Asia-Pacific region.

Hu obtained his doctorate in photochemical science from Bowling Green State University and has completed masters of business administration training from the University of Pittsburgh.

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