Charkit Appoints Executive VP

Jay Lang has been appointed to executive vice president of Charkit Chemical Corp. Lang joined the company nearly 17 years ago, and before his appointment, he served as vice president.  

According to Charles Hinnant, president of the company, Lang is considered the resident expert in personal care. In his new role, Lang will have an active role in seeking new acquisitions. He will be directing new sales efforts, and cultivating and growing the company's cadre of personal care experts. Lang will monitor the state of the industry, with special attention to solidifying existing relations with personal care customers as he forges new relationships.

Lang is a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC), where he has served with distinction on various committees. Lang is also a member of the Sales Association of the Chemical Industry (SACI) and the New England Chemical Club (NECC).

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