Beraca and Grupo Orsa Enter Partnership

Beraca Ingredients and Grupo Orsa, represented by Orsa Florestal, entered into a partnership at the April FSC Certified Product Fair to promote sustainable development of the 545,000-hectare area located between the states of Pará and Amapá.

Beraca, a producer and distributor of oils, butters, vegetable ingredients, actives and other Brazilian specialties in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and perfumery market reportedly will use the partnership to promote development of the area through the extraction, processing and production of oils from tree species not used for timber and that come from native forests. Grupo Orsa, on the other hand, will use the partnership as both a marketing tool and a method of guaranteeing that the forestry-related activity of the company will be in full occordance with the group’s principles.

The two companies will train the local communities in the areas belonging to Orsa Florestal to acquire the skills necessary to extract the raw materials with strict observance of local and international specifications. The communities will not only have new ways to generate income but will also receive the social-assistance benefits that both companies provide.

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